Francis Dababneh

Brief info

co-Founder and managing director of Fast Print with over 40 years of experience in the printing sector. He began back then at an early age with the founding father, Ibrahim Hashlan and the first stamp workshop in Jordan “Hashlan workshop”. Francis was ambitious and had a wide vision to reach in the printing.

After years in the Hashlan workshop, Francis decided to expand and establish an offset printing press in 1995 which today is Fast Print.

With years of experience and knowledge in the printing and focusing on customer satisfaction along with quality printing, Francis expanded the shop to a company in 2005 after adding a new line of printing-“flexographic narrow web label printing”. The new line of label printing along with the offset printing helped the company to be dominant and increase sales do to customer demanding and satisfaction.

Expanding in the printing fields with technology never stopped Francis and his son, Adham, after his son began at Fast Print in 2005 as an art & technical director. In 2007 Francis added the latest technology in printing - Digital printing.

Until today, both Francis and Adham still look forward in expanding their company and achieving customer satisfaction with their quality printing.

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